Services Offered


We work closely with you and provide the following services:


  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessments of your business and/or assets


  • Physical Security Surveys


  • Information Security - Policies, Procedures, Actual Practices


  • Preparation of Request for Proposals (RFP)


  • Evaluate current security measures.


  • Develop or evaluate safety / security policy and their procedures 


  • Identify access control Issues and present solutions


  • Manage Safety and Security Projects


  • Evaluate electronic alarms and closed circuit television systems usage


  • Develop Emergency and Disaster Response Plans 


  • Tailor Business Continuity Plans to your enterprise


  • Present Security Training and Awareness Programs


  • Develop Crisis Management Plans


Whether you are a large or small business, have a single building or a large corporate campus, or just have a small space in a multi-tenant building, our Certified Protection Professionals are ready to assist you.

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